Take them behind the scenes

Take them behind the scenesSocial media is becoming more significant in our lives every year. Around the world, 4.70 billion people use social media. In the past year, 227 million new users came online. Posting online might’ve once been a tactic for engagement, but now it is a necessity.

It is not enough to post advertisements now. Consumers can see right through that. They want something authentic. Try adding in behind-the-scenes photos and videos to show the human side of your brand.

This is also a great opportunity to do some Q&As with followers. Post a live video from your workspace and answer their burning questions. Hey, you might as well show off your new products while they’re here.

Many brands are taking to the social media phenomenon TikTok to show a more personal side to their business. Influencers like Marina Williams are posting behind-the-scenes video content of a photoshoot before the final images to create a feeling of closeness with the viewers. Consumers feel connected to the creator. Having this relationship is crucial for customer retention.

Big brands are getting in on this too. Cult Beauty, a UK-based cosmetics company, is thriving on social media. This is because of the connection they have with consumers. The brand posts plenty of behind-the-scenes content. They have videos with employees and videos demonstrating how different products work.

Here are a few reasons why this is a must-see in your strategy.

  1. Your brand gets to tell its story. You can merge your values and voice with your content.
  2. Customer trust. Consumers are more likely to purchase your products or service if you’ve revealed more of your brand to them. They can see the employees or the products in a natural way as opposed to advertisements. Make them feel like they are seeing you in real time.
  3. Consumers care more about brand transparency now than ever. They want to know how you work, and what you care about. Use behind-the-scenes footage to prove your brand is genuine.