20 success rules

Here are 20 to consider and then implement rules for succes over 2015:

  1. Generosity beats scarcity in every situation.
  2. If you’re the most successful person in every room, find a new room.
  3. If you’re not up early, you’re sleeping too late.
  4. Epic performance has more to do with saying no than saying yes.
  5. Commit to becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of your craft.
  6. Get fit so you can serve more people.
  7. Impact is a better measure of success than income.
  8. A failure only becomes a failure if you let it become a failure.
  9. Your job is to see the greatness in people who have yet to own the greatness within themselves.
  10. Don’t wait to be inspired to start your dream. Start your dream to grow inspired.
  11. What the victim calls luck, the hero calls relentlessness.
  12. Be polite. Be on time. Be optimistic.
  13. Make each fresh day of this new year a little better than yesterday. Daily optimizations will soon lead to exponential improvements.
  14. Make time to rest. Sleep is a secret weapon of true A-Players.
  15. To double your income, triple your investment in your professional education and on your personal development.
  16. Trust your instinct more than what society says is reasonable and possible.
  17. Go directly to where your fear lives because on the other side of that is where your power lies.
  18. Genius is less about genetics and more about obsessive amounts of practice.
  19. Never be too busy to be kind.
  20. Remember that life’s just too short to play small with your potential this New Year.

Oh–and please remember, the way you start 2015 profoundly influences the way you’ll end it so definitely kick it into HIGH gear right now.


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